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Synergetics sustainability and energy services offer solutions which aim to minimise emissions of greenhouse gases. Services include the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions as well as the design of energy-efficient and energy-recovery systems which abate greenhouse emissions by reducing energy consumption.

Energy generation and consumption data for Positive Energy Places.
Figure 1: Synergetics received 2013 World Environment Day and Melbourne Awards for the design, development and implementation of Australia’s first carbon neutral office building at Positive Energy Places. Since 2012, the building has generated more energy than it uses, making a positive impact on Australia’s CO2 footprint.

Synergetics sustainability, greenhouse gas and energy services include:

  • calculating National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) emission factors for greenhouse gases released by various operations;
  • carrying out energy audits to Australian and International Standards and assessing the energy efficiency of customers’ operations;
  • maximising energy efficiency of processes and designing systems which are in line with the principals of sustainability;
  • designing specialised energy-recovery and energy-storage systems to reduce costs to the client, as well as greenhouse emissions;
  • design and implementation of carbon neutral building solutions, including winning a 2013 UNAA World Environment Day Award and a 2013 Melbourne Award for Positive Energy Places, Australia’s first positive energy office building;
  • assessing heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and water systems to demonstrate compliance with Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) regulations;
  • optimising the arrangement of photovoltaic (PV) solar cell arrays to minimise both shading and glare effects;
  • developing emission controls for inner-city co-generation and tri-generation plants;
  • design and optimisation of renewable energy generation systems such as wind and hydro-electric turbines;
  • development and assessment of sustainable agricultural practices and systems, such as poultry shed emission controls, aerobic biowaste composting and the “Sustainable Sty” piggeries project.

CFD modelled temperatures within a thermal storage tank.
Figure 2: Synergetics use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to design and optimise energy recovery and energy storage systems. This figure shows thermal stratification within a thermal storage tank.