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Dust, and other particulate matter, raised by industrial, mining, construction and agricultural activities can be an issue for many reasons, including human health impacts, environmental impacts and public nuisance complaints. Understanding how dust will disperse and settle under different meteorological conditions enables Synergetics to advise controls, such as adjusting or scheduling operations or installing capture systems, that allow clients to minimise dust risks and maximise productivity.

Side by side photos of an electrical cabinet being cleaned with compressed air. The left image shows a large cloud of dust while in the right image the cloud is contained by the engineering controls.
Figure 1: Engineered dust controls can prevent exposures.

Synergetics has modelled, and designed controls for, a diverse range of dust problems. This includes:

An image of two stockpiles, and a cut plane showing simulated dust released from them.
Figure 2: Contours of dust released from a pair of stockpiles exposed to an oblique wind. The dust release rate is represented by the colour of the stockpiles, with blue indicating a low rate of dust generation and red indicating a high rate. The generation is highest on the leading edges of the stockpile.