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The renewable energy sector is developing rapidly, through a combination of rolling out existing technologies, and developing new innovations to improve performance an identify new opportunities. Engineering assessments and optimisations play a critical role in this expansion.

Figure 1: Animation showing the vortices formed by the turbine blades and hub, and streamlines showing the swirling of the flow behind the turbine. A large vortex is formed by the tip of the blades, with another formed in the wake of the hub.

Using advanced modelling techniques, such as CFD and engineering analysis, Synergetics engineers have assisted clients with a range of operations including:

  • modelling and assessment of site location and configuration for novel wind and hydro turbines;
  • optimisation of wind turbine designs;
  • energy assessments to minimise consumption and to identify opportunities for green energy generation, such as photovoltaic solar panels;
  • solar glare assessments for PV arrays;
  • assessing wind shear impacts for large roof mounted arrays near airports;
  • renewable energy system impact studies for combined solar and wind installations near remote runways;
  • air quality assessments and approvals assistance for waste to energy (WtE) facilities;
  • expert witness testimony for community consultations and tribunals; and
  • optimisation and simulated performance assessment of thermal energy storage systems.

Our clients in this space have included property developers, mining firms, inventors, industrial sites and engineering companies.

imulated airflow over tilt mounted PV solar panels. There is a low speed wake region behind each panel.
Figure 2: Computational fluid dynamics modelling of airflow over tilt-mounted solar panels on a warehouse roof. The wind direction is from the left to the right.