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At first glance it seems like a simple question, but every problem is unique and the answer depends on the details. Depending on the level of complexity of your problem, and the outcome you want CFD might be the optimal solution, or it could be something else. Perhaps an analytical method such as using a Gaussian model like AERMOD or conducting wind tunnel testing could solve your problem best.

A CFD image of flow within a rotating kiln.

Adopting the wrong solution method can result in excessive costs, lengthy delays or inaccurate or invalid results. Synergetics’ staff possess extensive experience with a variety of tools, and are up to date on the latest developments and capabilities of a variety of software packages. Using this knowledge we can provide you with complementary advice on which tools are appropriate and optimal to solve your fluid and heat flow problems.

Contact us with a brief problem description and we will work with you to demonstrate the best course of action. Information that would be ideal to include in the description includes:

  • What is the process or facility being modelled?
  • Where is it located? Is it in an urban region, industrial, rural etc.? This also gives us an idea for typical ambient weather conditions which may be important.
  • What problem do you want the modelling to answer? Are you seeking to demonstrate your performance against regulatory standards, optimise your process, isolate the cause of a fault etc.?
  • What time frame are you aiming for? Do you need quick results, or is a longer delay in finding an answer acceptable?
  • If it involves a process or operating piece of plant equipment, does the plant run continuously? Or does it shut down and start up regularly? Are the operating conditions consistent, or does the process vary, either in a cyclical nature, or more randomly?

Images of facilities or areas of concern are great if they’ll help explain the problem. Any information received will naturally be treated as commercial in confidence, and will not be shared without your permission.

For further examples of how modelling can help you, see our sector pages.