Key outcomes:

  • Design optimised to improve comfort
  • Town planning application approved

Ensuring comfortable wind conditions for pedestrians is a common town planning permit requirement for a wide range of buildings such as office towers, apartment blocks and retail centres. Outdoor dining areas, balconies and terraces are a particular concern, as patrons in these areas tend to be more sensitive to strong winds.

Streamlines of wind speed around a building

Figure 1: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation was used to assess wind comfort at a proposed retail centre. This image shows contours of wind speed at a height of 1.5 m above ground level.

Using advanced simulation techniques Synergetics expert wind engineers can rapidly assess the likelihood of uncomfortable conditions for proposed developments. As part of this wind analysis the site specific environmental wind conditions are assessed, as is the expected usage of surrounding spaces, such as cafes, parkland and walkways.

In this example, Synergetics were approached to conduct a wind assessment for a proposed retail centre in a location subject to high winds. The initial investigation revealed high winds in an outdoor dining area. Working together with the architects, Synergetics developed a targeted solution which addressed the wind comfort concerns. Following completion and submission of a wind assessment report for the retail centre, council planning approval was obtained.