Key outcomes

  • Environmental effects statement delivered
  • EPA and local council requirements satisfied

Synergetics was engaged to carry out an air quality assessment of a major sand-mining operation for the purposes of an environmental effects statement (EES). This involved both the measurement of present dust ground level concentrations, and the prediction of future levels as a result of revised mining plans.

Synergetics owns and operates a number of high quality environmental measurement devices including high-volume samplers for fine and total suspended particulates. This measurement capability has been invaluable in a number of projects similar to this one.

Air quality and dust modelling was carried out by Synergetics staff using both Ausplume and Calpuff dispersion models. Synergetics’ meteorological expertise also played a key role in selecting and appropriately modifying the meteorological data set for the modelling.

Both the onsite measurements and air quality modelling results were used as the basis for an EES for the proposed sand mining operations. The EES, along with Synergetics’ strong relationships and close consultation with stakeholders, ensured that EPA and local council environmental requirements were satisfied.

Contours of PM10 concentration surrounding a sand mining facility

Figure 1: Air quality modelling result for the proposed sand mining operation, showing coloured contours of PM10 concentration.