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Key outcomes

  • Operating cost reduced
  • Design optimised
  • Efficiency increased

In the minerals processing industry, slag refers to a waste material that is produced when certain types of ore are melted or smelted to extract the desired metal. Slag is composed of the impurities and non-metallic by-products that are separated from the metal during the smelting process. High temperature by-products, such as slag, require careful treatment to ensure both efficient and safe operations. In the case study shown here Synergetics was requested to optimise the design of a splash cover and housing for a slag drop box using CFD.

A cut section showing the velocity of slag flowing through the drop box.

Figure 1: CFD prediction of velocity magnitude with one of the tested drop box configurations.

The drop box needed to ensure a clean flow of slag with minimal pressure drop across the system. High pressure drops would either reduce flow rates, or increase energy costs. Simulations were performed for a multitude of different drop box designs and the pressure drops were compared to find the best choice and minimise the client’s operating expenses.

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